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What is a Packaged Bank Account?

A Packaged Bank Account (PBA) is a bank account that comes with additional benefits such as travel insurance, breakdown cover or gadget insurance. These accounts come with a set monthly or annual fee. They tend to have names like Premier, Gold, Premium or Reward accounts.

Recent evidence has emerged that people often had their basic current account upgraded to a Packaged Bank Account without their knowledge, or they were told they needed to upgrade if they wanted to apply for finance through the bank. Some customers have also reported that when they tried to claim on one of the policies that they do not qualify for the policy in the first place. If this sounds familiar then complete our simple form and see if you can claim back your bank fees today!

How could I have been Mis-sold?

These added ‘benefits’ attached to Packaged Bank Accounts usually involved insurance of which Your Lender have an obligation to find out if the insurance was useful, competitive and relevant for that consumer. Also in some cases the consumers account were upgraded without their knowledge. There are many reasons for a possible mis-sale which our specialist team will review and assess if you may have been mis-sold.

Unsure If you were Mis-sold?

If you’re unsure If your Packaged Bank Account has been mis-sold we offer a free assessment to investigate your claim.

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To start your free packaged bank accounts assessment, fill out the form and then we can take it from there and investigate your claim. All of the information that you provide us with will then be used by our specialised packaged bank accounts claims team.

How it works?

  • Fill in our contact form, which will take you a couple of minutes.
  • We will send you a pack in the post to complete and return
  • One of our case handlers will give you a call to ask a few questions about how you opened the account so we can identify how it was mis sold
  • You sit back and relax while we go back to the bank and try and win back your fee’s!

Have you ever paid a monthly fee for your bank account?

It is estimated that over 11 million people may have been paying a monthly fee for their bank account with many being mis-sold; these people could be eligible to claim back any fees paid out.

How long does it take?

The initial application process will only take a few minutes. Fill in the form on this page, and we will then call you to gather some brief information about your bank account, for example: how it was sold, how long you’ve had it for, if it’s still open.

Once a claim has been packaged we usually expect to have an answer from the bank within 12 weeks.

How do I know if I qualify?

If you are paying a fee for your bank account then all you need to do is fill out our application form and we'll do the rest!

Not sure if you qualify?

Don't worry - just fill in the form and we will find out for you…

Example of packaged bank accounts are:

  • Barclays Additions, Barclays Current Account Plus, Barclays Premier
  • Co-Op Premier
  • HSBC Advance, HSBC Premier
  • NatWest Select Premier, NatWest Silver
  • Lloyds TSB Select, Lloyds TSB Premier
  • RBS Royalties Gold, RBS, Silver